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Broke a racquet, sprain ankle or just couldn't get the shuttle into the position you want as usual? Is this YOUR good day to play badminton?

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Sinar Mutiara Shuttlecock
(King Smash & Legend 1)

New series shuttlecock
Goose Feathers
Natural Cork
MB Badminton String (NMB 99)
Carbon Nanofiber
Looking for a good and cheap badminton shuttlecock?
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i used to play at singapore badminton hall on friday nig...
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A Singapore based social & leisure badminton group, organising games mainly in Woodlands/Marsiling/Gombak region. Welcomes players of any age/gender/race/levels.
Badminton Central
an online community dedicated to the exchange of information and sharing of our passion for the game of badminton
Badminton Doubles
Find out how to improve your Badminton Doubles techniques & tactics, and watch videos to improve your shots.
SMD Badminton
Singapore Mixed Double Badminton Group

Danie/Llilian vs Ambert/Zanel
28/12/2014Hits: 55
full article »
Steve/Zanel vs Cheryl/Herman
28/12/2014Hits: 70
full article »
Daniel/Netasia vs Herman/Zanel
19/10/2014Hits: 84
full article »
Limton/Mustafa vs Rick/KokG [Mus amazing play]
27/07/2014Hits: 119
full article »
Mustafa/Rick vs Limton/Vaishak
02/04/2014Hits: 327
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Congratulation to Ambert and Zanel
03/03/2014Hits: 181
Now that you are tied with each other, May your love bloom more and brighter, Respect, care and devotion, Keep the love and attraction. Congratulation on your wedding! Post your wishes here....
full article »
Lin Dan/Lee CW vs Cai Yun/Fu Haifeng
19/02/2014Hits: 188
林丹/李宗伟VS 蔡赟/付海峰...
full article »
[RECOMMENDED] Park Joobong and Kim Dongmoon vs. Lee Yongdae and Yoo Yeonseong
17/11/2013Hits: 411
Badmintainment, a new word for badminton + entertainment...
full article »
04/05/2013Hits: 1602
Friendly matches provide opportunities for mini competitive play and encourage bonding and unity within the group.They also allow the players to have something to look forward to all the time. Most importantly we capitalise on this opportunity to mak...
full article »
kokG/Xehbao vs Garth/Dao
26/07/2014Hits: 3418
full article »
SPH National Age Group Doubles 2012
01/11/2012Hits: 1196
Dear UBP kakis, Please be informed that registration has opened for the SPH National Age Group Doubles 2012 held from 3 – 7 December 2012 at the Singapore Badminton Hall. The rules & regulations and registration form can be found on our Fac...
full article »
Happy Birthday Zanel!
07/10/2012Hits: 415
full article »

Join Our Badminton Group

30/05/2015 Pierce Sec School

5pm: c1,2,3
6pm: c1,2,3
7pm: c1,2,3

junwei, uncle jimmy, daniel, lilian, netasia
11. [Slot available]
12. [Slot available]
13. [Slot available]
14. [Slot available]
15. [Slot available]
16. [Slot available]
17. [Slot available]
18. [Slot available]

Anyone with BSR 5.0 & above are welcomed.

Absentees without 24-hrs advanced notice will be subjected to a $2 fine.
Players will be ban for pulling out the session more than 5 times without valid reason.

Female/student: $5
Adult: $8
Monthly: by invitation only

Click here for more details or contact Zanel

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