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Sinar Mutiara Shuttlecock
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Goose Feathers
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A Singapore based social & leisure badminton group, organising games mainly in Woodlands/Marsiling/Gombak region. Welcomes players of any age/gender/race/levels.
Badminton Central
an online community dedicated to the exchange of information and sharing of our passion for the game of badminton
Badminton Doubles
Find out how to improve your Badminton Doubles techniques & tactics, and watch videos to improve your shots.
SMD Badminton
Singapore Mixed Double Badminton Group

Join our regular badminton group (North/North-East area)Hits: [199599]

Enlarge Photo

Are you looking for a regular badminton group to join?

We have both Female & Male players, mostly BSR 5.0 & above
We have been around since 2005.

Every Saturday from 6.00 pm to 9.00pm (3 hours of play!).
Please refer to the top right column "Join our badminton group" for the actual time & venue of the week.

No fixed location, please refer to the top right column "Join our badminton group" for the actual time & venue of the week.


By BMW (ie Bus, MRT or Walk)

The hall contains 2 pretty good "rubbery" type of courts. There is free parking with shower facilities & free "entertainment". Usually after 8pm, we will start to conduct our own training session for those who seek to improve their technique. We will also take nice nice photos of you playing badminton, plus video recording of your play so that you can watch & improve from there.

Zanel or Cheryl. Please contact us before you turn up.

As the operating costs have increased, please take note of the new fee structure.

Male players:

  • $8 per session
  • OR flat $30 monthly fee for Monthly-Paying-Members*. Benefits: cheaper, one slot reserved for you & you won't be required to post every week. (*please see FAQ).
Students (up to Polytechnic) & Ladies:
  • $5 per session (flat fee)

Penalty $2 will be imposed on non-Monthly Paying Members who post their names but do not turn up.

Still having doubts whether to join us? Why not just join us once and decide after that whether you want to join us more regularly!

Please read the FAQs here.

netasia (5371) 13/03/2015 07:20:18
28th march pierce
6pm c2 3
7pm c2 3 4
8pm c2 3
netasia (5370) 30/01/2015 07:36:44
14th court
6pm c2 3
7pm c1 2 3 4
8pm c1 c3
netasia (5369) 16/01/2015 07:20:18
[color=#3a3d47]Game on 31/1/15 at Peirce Secondary School:[/color]
[color=#3a3d47]5-6: c1[/color]
[color=#3a3d47]6-7: c1, 2[/color]
[color=#3a3d47]7-8: c1, 2,4[/color]
Zanel(5360) 10/10/2014 09:37:10
Game on 25/10/14 at Peirce Secondary School:
6-7: c1,2
7-8: c1, 2, 3
8-9: c1, 2
Zanel(5359) 10/10/2014 09:35:28
Game on 18/10/14 at Peirce Secondary School:
6-7: c1, 2
7-8: c1,2,3
8-9: c1, 2
Zanel(5355) 30/08/2014 00:40:26
Game on 13/09/2014 at Peirce Secondary School
6-7: c1, 4
7-8: c1, 2, 3
8-9: c1, 2
Zanel(5354) 25/08/2014 11:41:52
Game on 06/09/14 at Pierce Secondary School:
7-9: c1,2,3
Zanel(5353) 25/08/2014 11:37:47
Game on 30/08/14 at Pierce Secondary School:
6-7: c1,2
7-8: c1,2,3
8-9: c1,2
Zanel(5352) 10/08/2014 21:13:55
Game on 23/08/2014 at Peirce Secondary School:
6-7: c1
7-8: c1,2,3
8-9: c1, 2
zanel(5351) 10/08/2014 21:11:38
Game on 16/08/2014 at Peirce Secondary School:
6-7: c1,2
7-8: c1,2,3
8-9: c1,2

Comment on this video:
*no registration required


Join Our Badminton Group

Pierce Sec [MAP]

11. [Slot available]
12. [Slot available]
13. [Slot available]
14. [Slot available]
15. [Slot available]
16. [Slot available]
Anyone with BSR 5.0 & above are welcomed.

Absentees without 24-hrs advanced notice will be subjected to a $2 fine.
Players will be ban for pulling out the session more than 5 times without valid reason.

Female/student: $5
Adult: $8
Monthly: by invitation only

Click here for more details or contact Zanel

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